October 2015 Speaking Schedule

Hey gang, October is a heck of a busy month for me. In addition to working full-time I have a pretty full slate lined up with speaking engagements. If you’re curious, here’s the rundown:

10/03/2015: On Saturday, October I’ll be at SQL Saturday #440 in Pittsburgh, PA. I’ll be doing the same presentation I’ve done at the last few SQL Saturdays I’ve presented at: some practical, real-world use cases of PowerShell and SQL Server. It has been pretty well received, so if you have the means to get there and you’re curious, I’d love to see and meet you!

10/06/2015: If you can’t make SQL Saturday on the 3rd, then I’m also giving the same presentation at the Ohio North SQL Server User Group in Cleveland. I’ll have a little more time than the normal 60 minutes of SQL Saturday, so I’m going to have time to explain and show more off. Again, would love the chance to meet you!

10/07/2015: I’m also giving a talk at Dog Food Con in Columbus on Thursday, the 7th. This time, though, I’ll be talking about SQL Server Window functions. I love them; I think they are one of the most powerful things you can write in T-SQL. This conference is pretty much all-things Microsoft, so it’s got a lot of really great speakers on a lot of really great topics. The organizers do a heck of a job, and the conference spans pretty much every IT discipline you can think of. I highly recommend it, and I’m fortunate to have been selected to speak.

So there it is. I’m pretty sure if I try to squeeze any more in there, my wife will be pretty upset. But November is right around the corner, so we’ll see what it (and the rest of the year) bring!