About Me

My Name is Drew Furgiuele, and I am very passionate about Microsoft SQL Server.

Ever since 2002, I’ve been using, tuning, configuring, automating, breaking, fixing, and continually learning about SQL Server. From humble beginnings with Microsoft SQL Server 2000, I’ve enjoyed the ride and I look forward to continuing to grow and learn new things. But I also enjoy sharing what I’ve learned along the way, too. I am also very fortunate that throughout my career that I’ve worked with some incredibly smart people, including other DBA’s, business intelligence gurus, and yes, even developers. They teach me probably more than I teach them.

This blog exists for me to:

  • Share musings and thoughts about things in SQL Server
  • Provide a way for me to contribute to the SQL Server Community
  • Promote some of my code solutions to anyone who wants to try them
  • A gateway to connect with other IT professionals

In particular, I love automating administrative tasks in SQL Server, both through T-SQL and especially PowerShell. Making queries run fast gets me excited in ways that confuse me. I go way more in-depth to things about me (both about SQL Server and other interests of mine) in the FAQ page, which you’re welcome to check out and even ask questions if you need to know more.

“I would have used Port 1434, that’s way more inside than Port 1433.”

My coworker pointed this out to me shortly after I told him I would be launching this site, and I couldn’t deny that he was right. In a way I had just made my first of what are probably going to be many mistakes with this blog. My coworker, another senior DBA, correctly pointed out that 1434, the DAC port, would have been a pretty clever blog title.

I guess that is a pretty good theme of my time with SQL Server, actually: just when you think you know enough, it turns out you don’t know anything. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot really clever people in the SQL Server community. I can’t say for sure if I’m one of them, but there’s really only one way to find out.

Content Policy

The thoughts, opinions, and advice presented in this blog are all my own, and don’t reflect the company I work for. While I love working with different people and companies, things I blog about here are all done on my own time, and for the benefit of my own learning and development as well as knowledge sharing with the greater technical community.