Where’s Drew, April 2017 Edition

Whew! I can’t believe March flew by that fast. It’s time for April, and here’s what I have going on this month. It’s not as much as I normally have; with things like spring break and other work projects coming to a head I don’t have as much planned this month as I normally do.

  • First and foremost, I am finally (finally!) headed to SQL Saturday Madison on Saturday, April 8th. I know a lot of people who have attended this particular SQL Saturday and they can’t stop saying amazing things about it. I’ll be giving a talk on SQL Server and PowerShell this time, and that’s the topic most near and dear to my heart. We’ll be looking at some common use-cases for PowerShell and SQL Server, some do’s, and do-not’s, and there will be plenty of code examples. I’m also excited that this session will go 75 minutes, instead of 60, because I have some new stuff to show off, too! If you have the time and can make it, you should come out (whether you come to my session or not).
  • I’ll be continuing my blog posts about SQL Server transactional replication throughout the month as well, so if you’ve been enjoying those please make sure to watch the twitters for more.
  • Since I won’t be speaking much this month, I’ll be wading into the Stack Exchange a bit more and trying to help out where I can. Here’s my network profile in case you like keeping track of those kinds of things.

That’s it! Hope to see or hear from you guys soon!