Where’s Drew, July 2017 Edition

I can’t believe it’s July already; this year has been full of exciting and challenging things for me. Heck, just reviewing all the previous “Where’s Drew” posts I’ve written really doesn’t do it justice. After all, I do have a day job, too. Thankfully, this month appears to be relatively slow in terms of both projects and community work. August and September however, well, stay tuned.

Here’s what I’m up to this month:

  • Our revised HASSP launch is July 11th. You can check out more details about the project here. We’re also working on our live stream of the event as well. Make sure you follow me on twitter for more updates about as we work towards our big day.
  • Speaking of HASSP, I’ll have plenty more blog posts planned around the software, wiring, and configuration of the project as well as post-launch summary (good, or bad). So watch this blog for updates.
  • SQL Saturday Columbus is July 22nd. It’ll be good to be speaking there; for all my involvement in out-of-town SQL community events, this one’s eluded me. Since I no longer serve on the board, it felt like it was time to submit. It’ll be nice to not have to travel far for an event! I’ll be talking about a deeper dive into transactional replication, and down for working with anyone who wants to learn more about replication and/or PowerShell. Make sure you say hello!
  • As far as blog posts and code projects, I’ve got a couple I’m putting some finishing touches on, mostly around trying to make replication snapshots “better.” I hope to have something published out on my Github this month as well.

Otherwise, I’m going to be trying to maximize my “me” time this month. It is summer, after all, and I want to try to get as much downtime as possible so I can finish Q3 and Q4 of this year strong. Hope to see you all out there somewhere!