PASS Summit 2017: I’m speaking

There’s a first time for everything

I have a confession to make: I’ve never been to the PASS Summit before. That sounds strange, right? “How can you go to so many SQL Saturdays a year, but never attend Summit?” In truth, it’s because most of my travel and training isn’t on my dime, with a couple very notable exceptions. The training budget afforded to me is generous, but I just can’t do everything I want to do every year.

I’ve also never submitted to speak at Summit, either. In the few years I’ve been speaking, I just never thought I was a Summit caliber speaker. My attitude was: build up my chops at local SQL Saturdays, branch out a bit, do more online stuff… and maybe, just maybe, I’d submit to the call for speakers.

I hadn’t considered submitting this year, either. If you look back at my calendar for 2017, I’ve been pretty busy (and I’ll continue to be busy) for most of the year. However, I have some very supportive and persistent friends in the community to suggest I submit, so that’s what I did. I found out late last week that one of my abstracts was accepted. It’s my PowerShell session I’ve given to more than a few SQL Saturdays and at GroupBy. You can see the session details here.

So yes, I’ll be attending the Summit this year as both a first time conference attendee and a speaker. I’m incredibly honored to be selected, and I’m thrilled to help make this year’s Summit the best it can be for everyone. There’s a lot of people I could thank for getting me to where I am today, probably too many to list here (so I’ll be thanking them privately), however I am very grateful for the PASS Board members and PASS Program Selection Committee for all their hard work in picking sessions from so many great submissions.

How about you? Will I see you there? If you plan on attending and haven’t yet, make sure you head over to the site and register. I’d love to make sure we connect while I’m there. Drop me a line in the comments and let me know. I hope to see you in October!