Where’s Drew, May 2018 Edition

Last month, I saw a lot of highways and conferences. With trips to Wisconsin, North Carolina, West Virginia, and even here in Columbus, I was really super busy. With the coming of May, though, I’m doing… well, I’m not doing anything.

It’s been go, go, go for so many months in a row it’ll be nice to have some downtime. During times like these, I like to do a lot of clean-up, both mentally and physically. I’ll be refreshing the OS’es on my home PC, laptop, and even my home lab (as I experiment more with Proxmox). Down-time is very special to me. I like to stay busy with community stuff, but there are sacrifices that have to be made to do so much. Being able to take a step back sometimes is important and healthy.

Months like these also give me some time to focus on other projects I want to work on, and it’s times like these that projects like HASSP get talked about and worked out. We are planning a third flight at some point this year, but nothing concrete yet (we’re working on better power solutions and hardening our server against the elements). Instead, I am going to be venturing into the open source software arena with a new (and not yet announced) project that some of my friends and I are going to start playing with. I can’t go into much detail yet, but yes, it does involve SQL Server. Once we get rolling and have something to show, I’ll make sure to announce it.

I’ll also be taking the time to publish some blog posts too. I have a couple gestating right now around bi-directional transactional replication, some PowerShell stuff I’ve been meaning to get to, and more. With the warmer weather comes a bigger focus on adding endurance training back into my workout routines too (and boy, did I ever slack off on that).

So stay tuned. More exciting stuff to come!