Where’s Drew, August 2017 Edition

Man, this summer is just flying by. Aside from all my crazy side projects, work has been nothing short of busy with the amount of projects going on. Outside of my day job, too, I’ve been pretty busy with lots of blog posts and speaking engagements. August is just as, if not more, busy than last month. Here’s what I have going on, and where you can expect to find me this month:

  • I’m kicking the month off right by heading down to SQL Saturday Louisville on August 5th. This is such a great event, put on by some of the most caring and smart people in the SQL Community who all want to make sure that everyone has the best possible experience. This will be my third year presenting at this event, and each year I’m just reminded of how lucky I am to be selected there. I’ll be talking about SQL Server and PowerShell, showing off some demos and talking about why it’s important in this day and age to learn how to automate all the things.
  • Then, the following weekend (August 12th) I’ll be over at SQL Saturday Indianapolis. This event has a super special place in my heart, because it’s where I got my first shot at speaking at a SQL Saturday and have presented the last three years since as well. Such a fantastic crew here, and always a really good turnout. I’ll be giving my PowerShell presentation here, too.
  • The week after that, I’ll be on an honest-to-goodness vacation. It’s been so busy the last several months that I just need to unplug a bit. Hopefully a few days at the beach and some board games will help me unwind.
  • Our next HASSP launch attempt is Saturday, August 26th! We’ll have more details once we get closer to the date, but I did already blog about some of the changes we’ll be making for our next try. Make sure you hope over to the HASSP channel on the SQL Server Community Slack and say hello!
  • And finally, this is more of a September announcement, but I’ll be heading overseas on the last day of the month to hang out and visit with the supremely awesome Chrissy and then visit a few other awesome places en route to SQL Saturday Cambridge! This is my big trip for the year (last year was SQL Saturday Oslo), and I’m looking forward to another great travel experience.
  • I’ll also have a couple of blog posts authored this month too, probably at least one PowerShell and one replication related post.

Whew! What a month. It’s a lot of work, a lot of travel, and a lot of stress, but I’m looking forward to it. If you’re headed in any of these directions be sure to let me know!