HASSP-2 Launch Details

It’s almost time: HASSP-2 is scheduled for launch this Saturday, 08/26/2017 at 10 AM Eastern Standard time. If you recall from our HASSP-1 experience, we clearly had some things that needed improved upon. Here’s what we’re doing differently this time:

More Helium. Our biggest problem last time was using the incorrect amount of helium due to a measurement error. This time, we’re determined to get it right. We’re going to make sure we get the right mount purchased (we had way too much last time, I think). To help with that, we’re making some operational changes:

  1. We are going to use a hanger to do all our work in this time, to mitigate wind while we’re inflating the balloon.
  2. We have a better scale for measuring lift.

Better cameras. Thanks to Brent, we’ve upgraded our cameras to GoPro Sessions. These are smaller, and the battery life is much improved.

More work ahead of time. Everything that we can assemble ahead of time, we’re going to assemble ahead of time. This will cut down on things we need to do at the location, and also let us practice making the payload train too.

Lighter payload. We’ve slimmed down the payload a bit, and replaced some heavier components and construction materials with lighter versions.

Live streaming improvements. We’re going to try live streaming again, but this time we’re going to rely on a different internet connection (or two), and we have some better recording equipment. Also, if we’re working the hanger, it should be easier to hear everyone.

So that’s it. I’m a ball of nerves, but I’m also excited to give this another shot. As always, watch my twitter feed for updates. You can also follow along on the SQL Server Community slack by joining the #HASSP channel.